How to Entertain the Children at Your Home Party

Even if you lack time to have your hair done or to do some shopping for pleasure it is still important to find some for your children. But what to do if some young friends of your child decided to visit him on a special occasion? If you can’t decide how to entertain the children these ideas and tips may turn out to be quite helpful. They will also suit for those who is staying at home if the children are sick or it’s rainy outside.

  • Suggest your child to play the game called “The Merry Gardener”. Let him water all the flowers in the house. Pour the water in a small watering pot and explain your child how to take care after the home plants. Wash the smooth leaves together with the children and clean the fluffy leaves with a paint brush.
  • Consider making funny things of cans, damaged CDs, broken pens and other stuff that should be thrown away. The children commonly lack fantasy to see what unusual and interesting things could be made with the help of a carton, plasticine and a couple of sticks. Show them that any thing found in the house could be either a truck of a doll if one would follow his or her imagination. My little gusts managed to make a plate, a flower and a saving box in less than an hour. There weren’t any limits for their pleasure and joy. No one even remembered of video games and the internet. In that way it is possible to develop the child’s imagination and intelligence without computer programs or supplementary classes.
  • Encourage the children to take part in funny contests. For example the competition for the fastest banana eaters.
  • Organize the fashion show. Let the children create the fancy outfits having offered them the content of your wardrobe. Make a catwalk of the paper sheets.
  • Try to solve the head-scratchers together with the children. When they solve each one encourage them to make up their own ones.

2 thoughts on “How to Entertain the Children at Your Home Party

  1. Good ideas to keep their interest. When they were very young and I’d babysit my sister’s children, I’d hide change around the house and let them keep whatever they found. In the fall, we’d collect leaves and then make pictures using different methods like tracing, gluing or cutting out silhouettes of them.

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