What to Wear In a Gym

Of course outfit is not the most important thing when we speak about attending a fitness club or a gym. It doesn’t improve your stamina or influence the speed of acquiring the desired physical shape. But the fact that it can make a training session comfortable or clumsy is significant.

It’s not useless to choose the clothes for a gym carefully. The training will be more effective if you wear a comfortable sports suit which doesn’t limit your movements. It will be good if you don’t need to tie, pull up or replace something all the time. Gym is not a catwalk but one can still watch the main trends of sport fashion there.

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Worst Fashion

Recently I have come across a book titled Worst Fashions: What We Shouldn’t Have Worn… But Did by Catherine Horwood. Frankly speaking it is pretty interesting to page it even though some of the topics are still disputable. Well, let me explain you what I’m talking about.

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Chav Fashion

Not many have heard and known about so called chavs. Well, let’s start from the definition. This term means to be uncultured and uneducated person. It is typical for chavs to behave improperly and in immoral way, to annoy others by provoking behavior. In conversation they use bad language as a rule. There are lot of stereotypes around chavs and chav subculture. Some behavior patterns are true and very typical of them. They are ostensibly teenagers or young adults of lower-middle class. So this slang term is very similar to American “bully”. You can easily meet chavs in any other country. But to tell the truth I strongly recommend you to avoid any communication and meeting them.

Their life style and way of interacting is very distinctive and can be easily recognized. They prefer very special music, films, drinks and even baby names. As for the music it can be R’n’B, rap, hip hop or any pop music. But it is nothing, problem is different. In public they prefer to play music out loud switching their cheap cell phones or MP3 players and enjoying low quality of playback. That’s really terrible and there are not many courageous people who would ask to stop “the show”.

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