How to Turn Fathership into Friendship

Fathership can become a series of ordeals or a friendship which will last for the rest of your life – in this case everything depends on you. If you want to make the process of bringing up your child pleasant and effortless you should observe some simple rules of communication with your kid.

Speaking to your child is essential. However, it may appear to be not very interesting to talk to a small person who has not developed his own set of views and opinions yet. The solution is simple – read to your child. First of all, the kid will learn to listen to you and hear you which may prove very useful in future. Moreover, this direct communication will help you to build connection with your child.

Of course, all fathers are required to play with their children. But, again, if you find this process not very entertaining there is an alternative to it. Involve your kid in some process of maintenance. For instance, if you perform some technical repair, ask your kid to hold the instruments and explain to him what you are doing. He will be proud that you treat him like an adult and, besides, he can actually help you a little.

It is better to teach your kid good manners using practical lessons. Take him to a restaurant with you. On the one hand, it will be a great event for him, while on the other he will try harder in public place than at home where he will not attract any attention of strangers.

Hiking is another way to become closer to your kid. It is a stated fact that all children enjoy hiking. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity for you to become a kind of a Superman in your kid’s eyes by making a fire, rowing in a boat or setting a tent.

It is important to show your kid from time to time that you are not only the severe head of the family but a human being with strong feelings as well. Take your child to some event which brings you joy, like car race or football game. The kid will see you happy and understand that you also can experience emotions of joy and childish delight.

If you want your kid to accept the idea that house work is obligatory, present it as a kind of a game which can be funny. Note also, that the kids like to do any work connected with water, so washing the floors will be viewed as entertaining activity by them.

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