How to make you relationship work

We all know how to attract the opposite sex. We are born with it. But to stay together, to be happy, to make your partner happy – it is a challenge. Here I am going to speak about how you can keep your man. It doesn’t mean we (women) need it more than men though; they should try to make relationships work just as hard as we do.

Steve Harvey believes that every man needs only three things: Support, Loyalty and Sex. I say support is what every person needs, it’s natural. Harvey believes that if you love your husband, support him, and are loyal to him, sex is just what comes naturally. And of course he is right. He also says that if man doesn’t build his career, he will not be able to focus on your relationship. And I agree – for men career comes first: money and a place to live are the basic needs of any person, and of course a man can’t focus on you / wedding / marriage / kids if he didn’t build a career yet. And in this case he needs your support.

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Chav Fashion

Not many have heard and known about so called chavs. Well, let’s start from the definition. This term means to be uncultured and uneducated person. It is typical for chavs to behave improperly and in immoral way, to annoy others by provoking behavior. In conversation they use bad language as a rule. There are lot of stereotypes around chavs and chav subculture. Some behavior patterns are true and very typical of them. They are ostensibly teenagers or young adults of lower-middle class. So this slang term is very similar to American “bully”. You can easily meet chavs in any other country. But to tell the truth I strongly recommend you to avoid any communication and meeting them.

Their life style and way of interacting is very distinctive and can be easily recognized. They prefer very special music, films, drinks and even baby names. As for the music it can be R’n’B, rap, hip hop or any pop music. But it is nothing, problem is different. In public they prefer to play music out loud switching their cheap cell phones or MP3 players and enjoying low quality of playback. That’s really terrible and there are not many courageous people who would ask to stop “the show”.

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