Mimimi-free baby shower ideas

baby gift basket
My busiest week is coming – I’m planning my first baby shower! On one hand, it’s very exciting because I really can’t wait to see all my friends and share my excitement with them, but on the other hand, I realize that there will be a lot of guests and there are only 6 days left to complete all the preparations.
The point is I’m not fond of traditional baby showers that are 100% dedicated to the baby. Baby will get all the attention pretty soon anyways, but now I want to spend some quality time with my girls. Besides, most of them have no kids and they probably don’t feel like talking about diapers all night long. So, I want the party to be fun for everyone but still have the hint of “babiness” if you know what I mean. Here are some of my ideas. Continue reading


Tips On How to Perform Hair Lamination At Home

Every single woman in the world prefers to care a lot about her hair. Ecology, stressful situations, destructive and damaging hair styling significantly weakens your hair and worsen your scalp condition. Your curls lose natural shine and generally healthy look. You probably resort to various hair masks and professional hair strengtheners to restore your hair and make it better. What would you do if all those treatments didn’t work for you anymore? The answer is hair lamination that is able to produce the best possible effect on your hair and improve your locks making them look shiny enlarging the volume of your chevelure at least by 15 per cent and thickening every single piece of your hair. It is not at all an expensive procedure if you do this yourself at home and quite the same advantageous if you follow the simple steps described below.

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Women’s Mistakes In Relationships

When a relationship is going through a tough period of time women usually ask themselves: What is going wrong? or Why did he leave me? Trying to figure out the answer to this tricky question they are always blaming everybody and anything except for themselves. Everything is usually falling apart due to women’s unconscious having finger in this pie. Luckily American experts revealed what kind of mistakes women do to cause the separation.

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