How to Help Children to Cope With the Grief

Our life is full of various events that may be either pleasant or sorrowful. Even the adults re not always able to cope with their grief. The children haven’t developed the adequate mechanisms of psychological self-defense. That’s why they need help to cope with their emotional burden.

Of course any loss is a serious event that matters a lot for a child. The loss of a favorite toy, a pet or even a relative may appear to be a hard strike for the child’s fragile and sensitive psychics.

The depressed child loses his appetite and looks tired and indifferent. He may develop various phobias such as the fear of death, injury, dark or pain. The behavior of the child becomes contradictory.

The children who lost their close relatives of friends may act inadequately. On the one hand they alienate from the adults but on the other hand they search for their support and protection. A child may look through the belongings of the deceased person for hours and throw them out the next day in order not to experience the negative flashbacks anymore.

But each grief is like an exercise for a soul. If a child manages to cope with the sorrows he will get the necessary experience that makes him stronger.

The first factor that will help the child to live through his sorrows is the calm familiar atmosphere. Even if your family needs to move try to make the new room of your child resemble the previous one. Don’t be afraid to discuss the tragedy happened with your child. If your children asks uneasy questions don’t cut his interest off. Try to give sensible answers to all the questions. Allow your child to take part in the farewell ceremonies. That doesn’t mean you need to take you children to the funeral. Open the family album and talk about the deceased person remembering the best moments connected with him.

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