How to get rid of nightmares.

From time to time all of us see nightmares. And it is absolutely okay. Usually we have nightmares because of problems and stresses in life. It is simply inevitable. But when you have nightmares too often it can be disturbing. You would feel devastated and exhausted. It may cause some serious emotional problems including depression. Pay attention to it. It is a sign you should take actions.

First of all you should try to understand what reasons could trigger bad dreams. Our dreams reflect our worries. Usually it happens so. Try to change your attitude to the situation. Of course it depends on the situation. But if it is a symptom of stress then you should relax and get rid of negative feelings. The easiest way is to go to bed. But if you see bad dreams it would hardly help you. No doubts you would be more disturbed and irritated. It is recommended to go for a walk before sleeping. It would be much better for you and much more helpful to meditate or do yoga.

Do not take pills. Well, it would help you definitely. But the main problem is that you can be addicted to the drugs. And it would cause serious emotional and even mental problems. It is a mistake to take pills not consulting your therapist. Alcohol is not a way out as well. It would worsen the situation.

I also recommend you to avoid watching scary movies before going to bed. You would be excited and it would take you much effort to fall asleep. Just relax and let your mind rest. If you are addicted to information then you have to force yourself to stop surfing the Internet or finding breaking news late in the night. You should realize that it concerns your health.

Probably you will be surprised to find out that your diet as well as your lifestyle affect your dreams. I mean if you eat before going to bed it could trigger bad dreams as well. If you are a busy person and have the only chance to have dinner after 9 or 10 p.m. then you have to go to bed in two hours. It is a rule. And of course avoid eating junk food from fast food restaurants. It is not only bad for your physical appearance. It is bad for your state of mind as well. Do not drink coffee or strong tea before falling asleep.

Falling asleep think about the things that bring emotional pleasure to you. Our life is stressful indeed. But you can hardly solve all the problems staying in bed. Simply think positively. It would help you next day. Listen to chill-out music. It would help you to relax. Loud music and noises would disturb you.

Your bed should be comfortable. It also affects your dreams. Before going to bed air your room at least 15 minutes. In summer you can sleep with open window. But if the environment is disturbing then you should wear ear muffs at least.

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