Tips On How to Perform Hair Lamination At Home

Every single woman in the world prefers to care a lot about her hair. Ecology, stressful situations, destructive and damaging hair styling significantly weakens your hair and worsen your scalp condition. Your curls lose natural shine and generally healthy look. You probably resort to various hair masks and professional hair strengtheners to restore your hair and make it better. What would you do if all those treatments didn’t work for you anymore? The answer is hair lamination that is able to produce the best possible effect on your hair and improve your locks making them look shiny enlarging the volume of your chevelure at least by 15 per cent and thickening every single piece of your hair. It is not at all an expensive procedure if you do this yourself at home and quite the same advantageous if you follow the simple steps described below.

What is hair lamination? The point is to apply the special treatment product on your hair that forms an invisible film protecting your hair from damage, UV rays and helps preserve the color in case your hair is dyed.

Here are the tips to do hair lamination right at home:

  • Buy the hair lamination product in a special store for professional hair styling. There are a large diversity of such products presented in this type of shops. They vary from rather cheap to quite expensive ones and you will have to choose the one most appropriate for you.

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with a shampoo and it is better to repeat it once or twice.

  • Use hair conditioner and then a nourishing mask, rinse it away and put a towel on your head too dry the locks a bit.

  • Once the water stops dropping from your hair ends apply the lamination product on the locks avoiding your scalp. It has rather viscous consistency so the product needs to be distributed carefully throughout the length. You may need a fine tooth hair brush to help the product lay evenly.

  • To optimize the result from this procedure you should warm your hair up for about 30 minutes and this way your locks will absorb the product way better.

  • In case your hair is heavily damaged you may use the lamination several times in a row. There is no risk in overdose as your hair will simply absorb the necessary amount of the product.

  • The last step will be washing your hair with cool water. You can apply a hair balsam or a mask again if you wish.

As a result of this easy in use treatment your hair will obtain perfect smoothness and luxurious glow. The volume of your hairdo will be boosted and all the defects of your hair will be fixed.

Note that the effect produced by hair lamination lasts only for 3 weeks or a month at its best depending on how often you wash your hair with a shampoo. It is required to do hair lamination on a regular basis and thus you will forget about split ends and hair breaking.

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2 thoughts on “Tips On How to Perform Hair Lamination At Home

  1. Where is this available in the U.S.? I can only find website to Russian salons that do Lamination. I don’t see anyone here in America that even knows about this treatment. <=(

    • Hello Corinne,
      I actually bought lamination products from Amazon, try to search for “lamination” tags, that’s exactly what I did. I found out about this hair treatment method from YouTube so I decided why not trying it myself at home. Hope you’ll find these products!
      Regards, Debbie:)

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