Worst Fashion

Recently I have come across a book titled Worst Fashions: What We Shouldn’t Have Worn… But Did by Catherine Horwood. Frankly speaking it is pretty interesting to page it even though some of the topics are still disputable. Well, let me explain you what I’m talking about.

The book consists of old pictures and short descriptions criticizing the fashions of the past. The main point is that some people still wear clothes she is criticizing. Some things really look just awkward but not all. They say everything old is new again. Don’t you think so?

I have a background in fashion history and I was a child of the 1960s […] While it was written tongue-in-cheek, it also involved a lot of research into fabric developments in particular and I think that’s valuable research for anyone interested in fashion trends. Many of these ‘innovations’ have hit the dust now and might be forgotten if it wasn’t for this book”, says Catherine Horwood to VICE magazine.

It seems like it is her very personal opinion. I mean I do not like some clothes as they seem to me strange or whatever. So what? Should I write a book about it? I mean this research is pretty doubtful even though I can understand the initial idea of the author. So I absolutely agree with Horwood concerning camouflage fashion. As for me it looks horrible. “Worst Women Fashion Look of the 1990s: Looking like the bark on a peeling plane tree was not, and never should be, high fashion”. Bum bags are not fashionable as well, they really look ridiculous. Why did they wear these bags? They seem to be convenient but look funny.

But I do not mind puffa jackets. I agree that sometimes they do not look too pretty and elegant but it depends. She is sure that it “…the chav’s jacket of choice”. C’mon, it sounds ridiculous. The same concerns parka and barbour jackets that according to the author are intended “for a countryside Alliance march”. Well, I do not think so at all. Moreover I like parkas.

Then she criticizes fake fur coats. Well, I would criticize fur coats in general. I wish she chose fake fur coats instead of killing animals. That’s why the idea of manufacturing fake fur is not that bad as Horwood thinks. “Unsurprisingly, the teddy bear look never caught on”. Seriously? Well, I’m not sure.

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