She doesn’t want to have sex with me!

Many men feel lack of sex in his marriage. Newlyweds don’t face this problem that often in comparison with the couples where people live together for many years. When a wife refuses to have sex, it becomes a disaster for a loving husband. There could appear irreversible consequences from humiliation to treason.

It is important for men just to understand their wives. Physiologically women don’t need as much sex as they are potentially capable of.

Sexual attraction of women differs from men sexual attraction. Men have mostly physical attraction – they see a beautiful lady and they want her at once. Women’s psychology and physiology are connected strongly: she feels good, she’s loved and she wants a man. If men refuse to have sex with ladies because of their physical exhaustion, women may lose sexual attraction on the ground of moral reasons.

For example, when she doesn’t get much compliments and attention, she feels needless and unwanted. A woman wants her partner asking more about her mood and desires, or at least about her day and work. Men often do not realize that women that much need affection and tenderness, though as a rule, women don’t talk about it. Also there are days when women prefer to avoid sex, for example, during the period. After childbirth most of women forget about sex as they could be too tired or have some medical prescriptions. This is one of the most complicated time for every woman. A number of ladies even fall into depression, which can last for years after the childbirth! In such cases men should be very careful. He has to help his wife about the house, as it’s too hard for her to be with a baby, to cook, to clean the house, to look good and…to have sex with her husband! A man should give his lady some rest, let her go with her friends somewhere. She will feel his care and attention and come back fresh and rested. The main thing here is to remember that it all is temporary and in some months she’ll be better.

One more interesting reason for avoiding sex is manipulation. A wife wants something from her man, and in most cases men should guess themselves whether it’s a fur coat or a second baby or two weeks on the Caribbean. It’s up to a man to guess what’s the reason of their problems, but anyway they should give their wives all his love and attention.

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