Women’s Mistakes In Relationships

When a relationship is going through a tough period of time women usually ask themselves: What is going wrong? or Why did he leave me? Trying to figure out the answer to this tricky question they are always blaming everybody and anything except for themselves. Everything is usually falling apart due to women’s unconscious having finger in this pie. Luckily American experts revealed what kind of mistakes women do to cause the separation.

  1. A desire to change a man. Many girls having their hands on a particular male immediately start thinking over how this person could be changed, “readjusted” and forced to improve some of their features. As a result of these infernal methods there might be a break up. Generally speaking, a man cannot be changed as well as a woman, by the way, unless they are willing to change themselves. No one ever changes for another person, even for the sake of love. The only thing we can do is love our mates as is.

  2. A huge difference. Usually men pay attention to some basic and general things while women are likely to catch up every single detail. It is a mere basic difference between men and women and nothing can be done about this. Thus investigating a male about some hidden motives is really shocking to them and is a big mistake in a relationship. Never start a fight and raise the roof for a petty reason like his being late from a party with his friends.

  3. Sex on the first date. It is certain that men love having sex and would not at all mind having it right after you go to the movies once together. However men are naturally hunters who are usually eager to win a woman’s heart and as soon as the goal is fulfilled it is not really that interesting anymore. However if a girl is still intriguing and has some special traits to admire he would probably forget all the preconceptions.

  4. Love him to death. Love is unspoken and silent, that’s what men think. And according to this opinion women should take it in the same way. Why would a couple repeat the three words of love to each other whole day when it’s all clear about it? When spoken too frequently these words actually lose their value.

  5. Unfaithfulness. Fidelity is the best quality of relationships. If partners are cheating on each other it is impossible for them to be confident in their mutual future. It is no surprise that if a girl is flirting and cheating on her boyfriend with other guys their relations are going only worse: infidelity and love cannot go together.

  6. Lack of appreciation. Men usually doing their best to protect us, fulfill our needs and show support. They would always want us to esteem them and be filled with admiration for what they are doing. Simply saying that he is strong and important to you will be more effective than the repeated “I love you”.

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