How to make you relationship work

We all know how to attract the opposite sex. We are born with it. But to stay together, to be happy, to make your partner happy – it is a challenge. Here I am going to speak about how you can keep your man. It doesn’t mean we (women) need it more than men though; they should try to make relationships work just as hard as we do.

Steve Harvey believes that every man needs only three things: Support, Loyalty and Sex. I say support is what every person needs, it’s natural. Harvey believes that if you love your husband, support him, and are loyal to him, sex is just what comes naturally. And of course he is right. He also says that if man doesn’t build his career, he will not be able to focus on your relationship. And I agree – for men career comes first: money and a place to live are the basic needs of any person, and of course a man can’t focus on you / wedding / marriage / kids if he didn’t build a career yet. And in this case he needs your support.

Most men prefer women that don’t smoke and don’t drink. But we are talking not about how to attract a man. If you smoke but he still picked you, it means he is ok with it. More or less. You may want to try to quit though, I believe he’ll be proud of you. For most men it is important to be proud of their women: when he takes you out to meet his friends he wants you to behave like a queen (not like a spoilt princess, but a queen), and if you do, he will probably treat you like a queen.

If you can cook it may trump a lot by the way. He will really appreciate a cake or a delicious dinner when he comes home after a long hard day at work. He should come home knowing that it’s his home, he can have a rest there, and there is a woman (and maybe kids) who cares about him, and looks forward to seeing him again. He is stressed at work (so are you, of course) so when you both come home, you shouldn’t create tension, create a little heaven where you can rest together.

Some men want their women to be strong. But they enjoy helping out and they also really like to be needed. Subconsciously they want us to be weak; this is why you can ask you men to help with something, pointing out that you need him, and that you probably wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t for him. Don’t be too flattering though. And if you can do some little things yourself, it is better not to ask him to do them for you.

And here is the thing. You may ‘forget your cell at home’ when you go to work. Let him miss you a little once in a while!

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