Chav Fashion

Not many have heard and known about so called chavs. Well, let’s start from the definition. This term means to be uncultured and uneducated person. It is typical for chavs to behave improperly and in immoral way, to annoy others by provoking behavior. In conversation they use bad language as a rule. There are lot of stereotypes around chavs and chav subculture. Some behavior patterns are true and very typical of them. They are ostensibly teenagers or young adults of lower-middle class. So this slang term is very similar to American “bully”. You can easily meet chavs in any other country. But to tell the truth I strongly recommend you to avoid any communication and meeting them.

Their life style and way of interacting is very distinctive and can be easily recognized. They prefer very special music, films, drinks and even baby names. As for the music it can be R’n’B, rap, hip hop or any pop music. But it is nothing, problem is different. In public they prefer to play music out loud switching their cheap cell phones or MP3 players and enjoying low quality of playback. That’s really terrible and there are not many courageous people who would ask to stop “the show”.

As for the movies then they prefer to watch films about themselves. High-browed stuff is definitely not for them. They would hardly understand and appreciate Federico Fellini or Jean-Luc Godard. It would happen never. They would prefer Footvall Factor, This Is England or Essex Boys. Nothing special.

And of course baby names of baby chavs are extraordinary and must attract you attention. That’s weird and funny at the same time but they name their kids in honor of their favorite brands. So if you met a chav couple wouldn’t surprise to get acquainted with little Chanel, Tiffany, Brooklyn or Alfie. That’s funny, but to tell the truth today nothing surprises me in chavs and their behavior. It’s OK to be a chav.

And finally their manner to dress. You never miss a chav. His or her appearance would attract your attention. It is just impossible not to notice them. Initially the term refers to the people who prefer wearing branded sportswear to other attire. It can be very expensive designer sportswear or very very cheap and fake. It doesn’t matter actually. They look vulgar and have bad taste. Among other brands they would prefer Burberry, Prada Sport, La Cost, Gucci and definitely Adidas. I don’t mind the brands, they are fine. But chavs have special ability to mix all these brands all together creating awkward style. And of course Burberry cap is a must with Adidas jogging bottoms. They prefer to be in a limelight and obviously that’s why they can’t live without gold jewelry wearing as many accessories as possible. Accessories can be fake and it is OK of course. Their look can be very cheap even though the clothes and accessories they wear can be very expensive. The rule: the less the better doesn’t work at all. Instead of it: the more the better. To be bright and awkward, to attract attention and to annoy is exactly what they want.

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